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Blue Monday People

« Empire of Matches »


François Vaiana, singer-songwriter

Benjamin Sauzereau, guitar

Dorian Dumont, piano

Jens Bouttery, drums

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Ref : AZ1029


Blue Monday People is a progressive-soul band from Brussels founded by singer-songwriter François Vaiana. Their music is tinted with European spleen and painted with blues coming from the Americas. François'pieces are urban tales deeply influenced by the good, the ugly, the wild and the ordinary.

François Vaiana is a singer who lived for many years in New York, Burkina Faso and Brussels. These places have had huge influences on who he is as an artist and also as a person. He founded the band Blue Monday People so he can express all the thoughts he gathered throughout his travels. He met his band while studying music in Brussels.

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Come Home Charlie
Girl of Peace3'28
I got on the Bus2'21
The fisher king7'52
No One7'07
Where I belong5'34
The scent of honeysuskle vines5'26